Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs

Candlelighters is a local non-profit organization that provides support to young cancer patients and their families who are treated in eastern Ontario.
We hope you will join us in helping out such an outstanding cause.

About Candlelighters
Candlelighters was established in 1988 as part of the Childhood Cancer Foundation of Canada’s network of local and parent support groups. Candlelighters is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides programs and services for young cancer patients being treated in Eastern Ontario and to those they depend on for strength and support.

Candlelighters’ Mission, Vision & Values

– To enrich the lives of children and their families coping with childhood cancer;
– To promote awareness and understanding of the impact of childhood cancer on children and their families.

That every child affected with childhood cancer and their family, enjoy the best quality of life possible, from the time of diagnosis, through to the completion of treatment and beyond.

Volunteers and donors are essential to the work of Candlelighters. Their talents and resources, time and energy are directed to the fulfilment of the organization’s mission. All actions of those associated with Candlelighters programs are conducted with a high degree of professionalism,Nike Pas Cher, integrity and compassion. The work of Candlelighters is complementary to that of the medical community treating children and their families.

Why Candlelighters Exists

• Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in Ontario children.
• Only accidents will kill more children this year.
• More than one child per week will be diagnosed in this region.
• Each year approximately 400 children are diagnosed with cancer in Ontario, 70 of which receive treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
• The causes of childhood cancer are largely unknown.
• The psychological and social impact of childhood cancer can be significant. It may include problems of coping and adjustment of patient, Air max 90 pas cher France,siblings and parents, lapsed school achievement, learning deficits, and financial distress to the family.
• Survivorship in the pediatric population has improved across all diagnoses during the past 20 years. It is now 75 percent and rising.

What Makes Candlelighters Unique
Candlelighters provides programs and services “exclusively” for children with cancer and their families. Candlelighters’ programs and services are aimed at needs of the entire family, cheap jordan 11,and deal mainly with alleviating both the emotional and financial stress that families of children with cancer deal with on a daily basis.

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