61 Queen Victoria Street

New Edinburgh

Capital View Development presents 61 Queen Victoria Street.

The view is fit for a Queen!

Price: $1,199,000

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Imagine living two blocks away from the Governor General of Canada’s residence, two blocks away from the Rideau River and less than five blocks away from the Prime Minister of Canada’s residence. Make your dream a reality and move into 61 Queen Victoria Street. You deserve the view!

61 Queen Victoria will be completely renovated with modern and luxurious finishes. This 2352 square foot luxury home is ideally situated in historical New Edinburgh and consists of 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Capital View Development will be restoring the 150-year old Victorian style home to its historic grandeur. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to move into your dream home.

The neighbourhood is home to several embassies and consulates, including Spain, South Africa, France and India. Many civil servants (in particular, employees of the nearby Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) call this neighbourhood home.

Why choose to live in New Edinburgh? Imagine living in an area that offers village-scale community, peaceful ambiance, charming homes with historic character, exciting new architectural designs, the serenity of walking along the Ottawa River, and lots of breathtaking green space. Please check back soon for designs and plans.

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Visit http://www.newedinburgh.ca/home for more information on New Edinburgh.

Call 613-796-5652 or email info@capitalviewdevelopment.com to inquire about customizing these homes to suit your family!