Our Story

Capital View Development Inc. is a locally owned and operated real estate development company with a focus on the greater Ottawa area.  Capital View Development is committed to building high quality, luxury properties in desirable neighbourhoods.  Our current projects are located in well-established, historical Ottawa communities.  We make it a priority to consider and utilize community feedback.  We create architectural designs that compliment the existing natural beauty of the neighbourhoods in which we build. We are dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of our communities.  We respect the needs of our homeowners, our community and our environment.

Capital View Development is positioned to adapt and evolve with the ever changing Ottawa real estate market.  We strategically target upper echelon homebuyers in order to reduce the impact of market fluctuation.  Our portfolio includes an equal distribution of rental properties and development projects, which further helps reduce our exposure to Ottawa market fluctuations.

Our Vision

Capital View Development is dedicated to providing a unique and unparalleled home buying experience.  We provide luxury, quality, and superior service to those who deserve it the most, the homebuyer.

Our Mission

Capital View Development aims to maximize stakeholder returns and minimize stakeholder risk while placing strong emphasis on community and environmental preservation.

Sit back and enjoy the view

Please contact us for further information on our communities or for an investment information package.